Freitag, 26. November 2010

Trysil x Oslo x Berlin x Munich x Isen

Just arrived at my hotel in Oslo, waiting for my flight home. Can't wait to visit my parents for thanksgiving.

Here some impressions from our trip to Trysil.

The arctic magic carpet

A friendly game of "Doucheball"

Peter surfing Mario on the indoor wave in our hotel

Simon and the controversial frozen squirrel "Frozey"

Simon, 5050 FS3 Nosebonk at Trysil High

The real Peter König showing how a Backside Air is done.

Mario and Peter G'in it up.

A typical situation at breakfast

Pepe's Pizza. Pizza Hut can go home big time!

Italian stallion Simon Gruber impressed by norwegian pizza.


And here the whole reason we came for: The jump at the Sweet Rumble contest.
Peter König sending a Backside 7 way down.

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