Dienstag, 7. September 2010

Movie done. New tattoo. Mini vacation. Big night.

So. I've been sitting in the editing dungeon with Vincent for the last two months. And I didn't blög about anything because simply.....nothing happened worth telling. All I did was sit in front of the computer, edit, eat, sleep (rarely) and repeat.
But now "Don't Panic!" is finished and we're storing it in our safe until the world premiere on September 17th.

Stefan, Vincent, Simon and I have wanted to get matching tattoos for quite a while and now we finally did it. Vincent and Stefan are leaving for a 3 month trip to Asia soon so we decided to do it now or never. The day I finished the movie, Stefan and I headed to the tattoo parlor around the corner from my office and got ourselves a good old fashioned anchor. Simon and Vincent are next and we'll all be sporting the same ink. Thanks to the dudes at Surface Tattoo for making our awesome pieces.

The back of my upper arm.

Stefan under the needle.

Now I'm off to Hannover for 3 days to meet up with Lenas family. Never been up there before and I look forward to hanging out with a bunch of north Germans.

Remember to RSVP the world premiere Facebook event. It's gonna be off the sheezy....or something like that.