Montag, 22. November 2010

Trysil, Norway

Just arrived in Trysil, Norway for the Sweet Rumble contest. I'm here with our Forum riders Peter König and Simon Gruber and joining us to make himself feel important is Isenseven rider turned Forum teammanager Chris "Bignose" Patsch. Also swiss brosef Mario Käppeli is here with us and new Isenseven rider Kevin Bäckström from Sweden will be joining us for some good time pre-season filming/riding/partying/hanging with the crew.

I got to hang out at the Oslo airport for 4 hours waiting for the rest of the crew. I seriously have never spent so much time at any other airport than Oslo. All together over the last 4 years I've probably spent over 40 hours waiting at Gardermoen. At least there's lots of Pølse to eat, Snus to buy and pretty girls to watch there.

3 hours of bus riding later we arrived in Trysil where it's about -15° C and on the way to the hotel we got to watch our friends slip on the ice which was fun. We are in the Radisson Blu Resort hotel and it's pretty sweet. There's probably like one million rooms, an indoor surfing wave, spa and all the other shenanigans a luxury hotel needs. And a beer in the mini-bar is only 8 Euros. What a bargain. I'll have to ration my one beer over the entire week or else I'll go broke.

The hotel lobby.

Chris "Christobal" Patsch and our "crib"

So it's up to the mountain tomorrow for some park laps with the crew. Looking forward to the first shoot of the season. I'll keep y'all posted.


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