Samstag, 22. August 2009

New IsenSeven clip "Times" online

"Times" is a self-contained short-clip by Isenseven and at the same time the last part of the upcoming full-length movie "Let's Go Get Lost". As this clip will be edited slightly different in the final movie, we decided to publish this original version online already now.

This clip contains a collection of footage we gathered throughout the season and during the summer days in our hometown Munich as well as in Berlin, New York, Tokyo, Bejing, Portland, Barcelona and many other places.
We like to thank all of our close friends for a great year 2009 and especially thank those guys for riding their skateboards for us: Conny Mirbach, Christopher Geyer, Jonas Rosenbauer, Michael Von Finten, Christoph Friedmann, Dennis GlÀser, Timo Kavermann, Mack McKelton, Gunes Ozdogan, Marcus Sweeney, Philipp Schuster and John Zelehoski.

Filmed by: Felix Urbauer, Alex Schiller, Vincent Urban, Niko Jentsch, Magnus Törnkvist
Edited by: Vincent Urban

Find the video and links to downloadable HD-versions on our website

Isenseven - TIMES from ISENSEVEN on Vimeo.

Donnerstag, 20. August 2009

The editing dungeon

Hello friends! Long time no blog. Howzee needs to keep reminding me to update my blog.
Things have been quite stressful lately with the move to the new apartment and working on the new movie. We´ve been pulling all nighters, filming intro´s and eating unhealthy food this summer during the editing every year.
Here a little insight of what I do all day in the dark but air conditioned office.

My editing workplace.

The little notes that help me not forget what I´m working on.

The workmachines in our office.

Me, Vincent and Felix....handsome like always.

I´ll be back soon with some pics of the new apartment.