Sonntag, 28. Juni 2009

A day in Vancouver

Since camp is closed in Whistler on saturdays and everybody is so wasted from the friday night party we decided to take a stroll in to Vancouver for the day. All we did was shop and eat. Awesome!

Kidrobot toys at Headquarter shop pt.1

Kidrobot toys at Headquarter shop pt.2

Kidrobot toys at Headquarter shop pt.3

Kidrobot toys at Headquarter shop pt.4

Mega Dunny!

Yummy chocolate covered stuff.

The gang at Earl´s. Hot food and even hotter waitresses.

Purrrty downtown Van.

Check Fischi´s blog for a few more impressions from the trip. He has the funnier pics.

Donnerstag, 25. Juni 2009

Sushi Village - Whistler

Tonight we finally did what we actually came to Whistler for. Sushi Village. The best sushi I have ever tasted and if you ever have the pleasure to visit Whistler, you need to go there.
We all had some yummy raw fish, frozen strawberry margheritas, big expensive beers and a good time. Life can be pretty sweet when you´re hanging in Whistler and have nothing to do cause it´s been raining 24/7....explore the realms of yummieness.

The appetizers

The sushi

The happy campers: Beer, Christophe, Peter, Ludde, Niko, Fischi, Me and Margharita

Transformers - Revenge Of The Fallen is the best movie the universe. And I need to let everybody know how stoked I am on it.

After waiting a painful and long two years I finally got to indulge the fantastic super film experience that is Transformers - Revenge Of The Fallen.
I can´t even explain how awesome this movie is. The first part was out of this world and the sequel blew my socks off even harder. I know, I´s a dumb Micheal Bay blockbuster, it´s totally overdone and unrealistic, the plot is terrible, the acting sucks bla bla bla....But don´t watch a Micheal Bay movie because you want to see some deep and thoughtful filmmaking paired with class actors. You watch it cause you know alot of stuff will be blowing up, there will be crazy highspeed pursuits/battles between the coolest vehicles and mostly there will be one or two stunningly hot chicks (Scarlett Johansson in The Island) included.
Explosions, cool cars, military super jets, giant robots from outerspace battling each other and Megan Fox....I mean really, if you are a guy and don´t think this is a remotely fun movie you need to grow a pair of testies.
I´m gonna go watch the movie one more time here in Whistler with Peter. Then when I get back home I´ll watch it in the IMAX at least once and when the DVD comes out I will lock myself in my room for a week watching it. I´m such a nerd and I love it.

If you really aren´t into exploding alien fighter robots that battle on top of skyscrapers while aircraft carriers launch laser missiles on to pyramids, maybe this will change your mind:

Megan Fox

The other new girl.....

Revenge Of The Fallen from zhanghao on Vimeo.

Whistler update 1

Once again I´m in Whistler, Canada at the Camp Of Champions snowboard camp. I´m here with Niko the new IsenSeven filmer, Fischi from Pleasure Mag and the riders Peter, Alex, Christophe and Ludde. I drove up from Portland after visiting Vincent for a few days which took roughly 7 hours. Quite the boring drive, but my super mixtape cd´s made the drive easier.
Vincent is doing great in Portland. I think he found a new home there. The city ist just amazing and the people you meet there are even amazinger. Two days was way too little though for hanging out there. Vincent and I got matching tattoos one night to remind us of the trip and the whole move to Portland. I´ll be posting a picture of that soon.
Whistler has been good so far. Great crew, great house, great snowboarding, great town. The weather has been poopy but it´ll get better. I´ve only been on the mountain one day so far....but that leaves more time for other activities like minigolf, eating, skating and partying.
Me, sporting my tight pants in whistler. Super!

Niko, Fischi and Peter chilling in our crib in Whistler

I´m such a tourist. Whistler.

Alex and Carmen chilling in the park. Whistler.

Mr. Tank infront of our house in Whistler

Welcome to my blög.

Hey friends. This is my blog. I once told myself I´d never make one, but now I have fallen for the internets way of letting me tell you how super interesting everything I do is. I got tired of facebooking everything that happened to me, my thoughts and other random stuff that goes on in my life, so now I have one more thing that keeps my productivity at an all time low.
This is also for you, Mom and Dad....since I never call or come home anymore. To let you know what your vagabond son is up to.
Have fun with this shenanigan of mine. I will have something interesting to say pretty son.
Greets from Whistler, Canada.

This picture was taken by my wonderful and talented girlfriend