Sonntag, 28. November 2010

Arcade Fire!

Went to see Arcade Fire tonight with Lena and Öfi. Still the best band in the world! Even though it was in the shitty Zenith in Munich the sound was exhilirating and the band had so much power. Not as emotional as the 2007 show at the Tonhalle but still gave me the chills.
I really love the new album "The Suburbs" but it was the songs from "Funeral" that did it for me. They played "Power Out" with a direct transition to "Rebellion Lies" which was my personal highlight.
Thank you!

"No Cars Go"

Oh, and the opening act "Fucked Up" from Toronto played and their genre could be described as Screamo-Hardcore-Punk-Metal. Definitely not something you would expect from a Arcade Fire opening band. But on the otherside, people that go to an AF concert probably would never go see that type of band. So it seemed like an interesting "concept"

See you in another 3 years.

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