Montag, 19. Oktober 2009

New Design Directions

Wow. Long time no blog. I´m so lazy. Come to think of it, writing a blog only takes 10 minutes of my day. That´s ten minutes I could be NOT wasting my life on Facebook. I´ll try to post some more stuff from now on.

I´ve been doing some flyer designing for a bunch of events and it´s a breath of fresh air to me. It´s great not doing the same stuff I´ve been doing all season. I get to experiment around.
Just today I got the job to do the flyer for a Mike Väth gig. You know, techno producer Sven Väth´s brother. I was pretty stoked on that since he´s kind of a big deal.

The first draft of the Mike Väth flyer. The booking agency wants his name bigger and a picture of him, which I´m not so stoked on but whatever.

This is the final version.

I also did a flyer for a screening of "Let´s Go Get Lost" at the T-Mobile concept store "4010" in Berlin.

They liked the flyer so much that I got another job designing one for an art exhibition in Berlin.
Me likey.
Happy bloggin, nerds!