Samstag, 29. Mai 2010

Trailer Time!

Vincent and I have been pulling some pretty gnarly nightshifts to get the official trailer of our new movie "Don't Panic" done. Waiting for footage, waiting for software, waiting for computer slowness....Vince has been viewing ALL the footage we filmed this year and started the edit for the trailer while I've been working on some pretty complicated motion graphics. Every Adobe After Effects professional might find what I'm doing pretty simple, but it's quite the new frontier for me. So many buttons, settings and layers to take care of. But I'm stoked on how it's looking so far. You'll see it in the trailer.

The name for the new movie "Don't Panic" was suggested by our new filmer, Tom Elliott. Obviously "Don't Panic" is a well known catch phrase from one of the greatest books/movies of all times: The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy. But "Don't Panic" is also a very appropriate title, due to so very many reasons that I couldn't even elaborate here. Some of which were that we got some criticism for "Let's Go Get Lost" and were accused of "losing our roots". But all we can say is DON'T PANIC! Isenseven is still your favorite filmcrew from the little bavarian town Isen and we haven't forgotten what our movies are all about. Everyone will get what they asked for.

Anywho...after Vince and I are done spending long nights in the editing studio there will be a brand spanking new trailer for Isensevens 2010 movie.

And of course we need every reason we can find to party. So we're throwing a sweet-ass premiere party for the trailer of our movie. The whole thing is going down on Wednesday, June 2nd at a venue which is probably one of the most stylish clubs in Munich: Elli Disco near Hauptbahnhof in Munich.

I will be DJing there with my friend Mr AM To PM (the dude that taught me very much about spinning the decks) and I'm super excited to DJ at Elli Disco. After the first time I went to this club I always dreamt of playing there. It's just such a super cool location. All the walls, ceilings and floors are full of LED lights which are syncronized to the music playing. This club is a visual/musical super-extravaganza and I'm stoked that Pleasure Magazine managed to book the place for our party.

So, be sure to peep by the fantastic Elli Disco on Wednesday and dance till the morning with the Isenseven gang.

PS: If you're looking for some music to listen to, go buy Ellie Gouldings new album. It's a little bit girlie music, but this pretty little London lady has a great voice and some catchy electro-pop tunes. If you're not in to that kind of stuff, listen to The National's "High Violet"...It's the best album of 2010 so far....until The Arcade Fire's new album comes out (on my birthday)

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