Donnerstag, 25. Juni 2009

Whistler update 1

Once again I´m in Whistler, Canada at the Camp Of Champions snowboard camp. I´m here with Niko the new IsenSeven filmer, Fischi from Pleasure Mag and the riders Peter, Alex, Christophe and Ludde. I drove up from Portland after visiting Vincent for a few days which took roughly 7 hours. Quite the boring drive, but my super mixtape cd´s made the drive easier.
Vincent is doing great in Portland. I think he found a new home there. The city ist just amazing and the people you meet there are even amazinger. Two days was way too little though for hanging out there. Vincent and I got matching tattoos one night to remind us of the trip and the whole move to Portland. I´ll be posting a picture of that soon.
Whistler has been good so far. Great crew, great house, great snowboarding, great town. The weather has been poopy but it´ll get better. I´ve only been on the mountain one day so far....but that leaves more time for other activities like minigolf, eating, skating and partying.
Me, sporting my tight pants in whistler. Super!

Niko, Fischi and Peter chilling in our crib in Whistler

I´m such a tourist. Whistler.

Alex and Carmen chilling in the park. Whistler.

Mr. Tank infront of our house in Whistler

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