Sonntag, 20. Februar 2011

Beatmaker 2 x iPhone 4 x ME!

I just bought Beatmaker 2 for the iPhone and I am hooked. This sequencer & producing app is more than just cutting a bunch of loops after each other. You really need to start from scratch and you have endless possibilities. I'm just getting in to it and learning and this is kind of complicated, espacially with no music producing experience. But I'm getting there. This is so much fun!

Check out my very first track called "Nippon". I still have a lot to improve and need to dive deeper in to all the possibilities this app offers. But for a first try I think it sounds ok. I'm definitely going to get an iPad JUST for this app.

Nippon by AxlSteez

I'm off to Japan next week for two I'll probably have loads of new tunes by the time I get home.

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