Montag, 15. März 2010

So Cal and Bear Mountain

I´ve been in southern California for 5 days now and life is treating us pretty well. We spent two days in LA doing all the typical tourist crap. I, being used to the size of small town Munich, was quite overwhelmed by the size of this super city. We planned to see "everything" in LA in one day....we didn´t even manage to see half of it. This city is freakin´huge. It definitely was cool to see this place but I do prefer my lovely hometown.

Santa Monica Pier

Laguna Beach, OC

After two days in LA we went filming in Mountain High, about one hour north of the city. After being cramped in a crappy hotel on some random highway for 3 nights we continued east to Big Bear Lake were we moved in to our sweet new crib. This place is off the hook! For a change, I wasn´t in charge of organizing the whole trip so my colleagues from Pleasure magazine took care of all the important stuff. And the house they booked us for Bear Mountain is definitely one of the nicest I´ve had in my last 8 years of snowboard trips.

Our living room. Just one of the nice places in our temporary home. We have two hot tubs, a pool table, 4 bedrooms and a bunch of other fantabulous shindigs to keep us happy in the next two weeks.

We rode Bear Mountain today for the first time and I must say....this resort is unbelievable. Never have I seen a resort build so much in a park for snowboarders. I did follow runs all day without a break (Mom, Dad...."follow run" means that you follow the rider for an entire run through the park while filming and riding at the same time). I´ve never been so tired out after a day of filming but I´ve never had such a fun time filming my boys before. Every resort in the world should have a look at Bear Mountain to see what potential a snowboard park can have. This place is a snowboarders heaven.

Alex Tank pressing some nose in Bear Mountain on one of the 50 obstacles in the park(captured from one of my follow runs)

Right now it´s really the german invasion here at Big Bear Lake. We´re about twenty germans in the village. We´ve been barbequeing all night, drinking (crappy) american beer and playing pool. Life is pretty good right now.

I got burnt pretty bad in my face today even though I used a SPF 50 sunscreen so I´ll be going to bed soon to sleep on my red face. But tomorrow will be another fun day in the park.

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