Montag, 19. Oktober 2009

New Design Directions

Wow. Long time no blog. I´m so lazy. Come to think of it, writing a blog only takes 10 minutes of my day. That´s ten minutes I could be NOT wasting my life on Facebook. I´ll try to post some more stuff from now on.

I´ve been doing some flyer designing for a bunch of events and it´s a breath of fresh air to me. It´s great not doing the same stuff I´ve been doing all season. I get to experiment around.
Just today I got the job to do the flyer for a Mike Väth gig. You know, techno producer Sven Väth´s brother. I was pretty stoked on that since he´s kind of a big deal.

The first draft of the Mike Väth flyer. The booking agency wants his name bigger and a picture of him, which I´m not so stoked on but whatever.

This is the final version.

I also did a flyer for a screening of "Let´s Go Get Lost" at the T-Mobile concept store "4010" in Berlin.

They liked the flyer so much that I got another job designing one for an art exhibition in Berlin.
Me likey.
Happy bloggin, nerds!


  1. i liike!

    i will also post more stuff from now on... it's just, my life is so fucking boring right now... hahaha!


  2. Hey there! This is probably not the right place to ask, but I'm desperate. Is there ANY way of getting a hold of one of the two hoodies seen in this picture, but in purple?
    Like the one occasionally seen on Alex Tank in LGGL?
    (Will pay blood)