Dienstag, 21. Juli 2009

Music time...

Finally Vincent and I are reunited after his long stay in Portland. I was getting pretty bored, not being able to play music with my buddy. But now he´s back and we´ve been experimenting.
Our friend Stefan gave us this awesome box thingy that lets you hook up midi instruments, mics, even guitars to your Macbook. So now we are rocking it on Garageband. I hooked up my electric guitar and my keyboard and Vince is actually singing.
You are definitely going to hear a few of our songs in the new IsenSeven video.....if we ever get to editing it since we´ve only been playing music all day.

Vince and me in our "studio" aka living room.

Me, dreaming about some kind of food probably.

Vincent is fumbling around on the Macbook
Shredding away on my axe.

Thanks Lena for taking these pictures. And thanks Howzee for reminding me to update my blög. Turd.

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